City of the Future: with personal cars, but without traffic jams

After reading this contest job, the first thing I rushed to look on Google-maps of the city of Saint Joe. But I found nothing! And then it dawned on me that this is — a work of art, a fantasy on the theme. But it is very believable.

People usually do not realize is that at any time

Saint Joe11

They can throw out of their lives anything. Anytime.Instantly.

Twenty kilometers from Saint-Joe four-row speed track has become six, and then eight-lane but the rate of all associated transportation still decreased.Warning signs persistently invited to curtail on one of the many suburban parking areas.Fortunately, I had been warned that this is not a simple formality, and the only opportunity to change your Jaguar on an individual city car.

For some time I have reflected: and what about the image? My watch, my shoes, my Jaguar XJ?And then came to mind one instruction: "Exactly the satisfaction of self-importance takes the vast majority of our energy.This is particularly evident in our ongoing concern with how others will perceive us, how we will introduce ourselves, what kind of impression we make.We have always been very much concerned about, Do others recognize us and whether will they admire of us.

If we could at least partially get rid of self-importance, two extraordinary events will occur to us.First — it would release energy that powered the illusion of our own greatness.Second — there would be free energy enough for the penetration into the sphere of special attention.Each of us makes himself unhappy, or strong.The volume of work, necessary in the first and in the second case is the same ". Busy by reasoning, I still turned towards most visible parking, over which hovered in the sky advertising airship.

I consider it necessary to give a little explanation on how to use personal vehicles to St. Joe.To move around the city by car is possible without restrictions, but parking costs quite mad money.Yes, stop for disembarkation and landing of passengers is possible free, but for this given no more than five minutes.And if you dawdled — blame your slowness.

Cameras installed at the edge of the sidewalk on the small columns, immediately will make a number of your car in the category ‘parked”, and then — wait for the bill, where every minute is literally is weight in gold. "What do you do in this case?" — the question arises.If you do not want to use public transport, then your service will be offered global network of rent electric cars. Numerous interceptingcommuterparking is only formally parking. In fact — it is peculiar complex, which has everything from fast food to restaurants from the motel to the hotel. There are shops, swimming pools and, of coursecar wash and small car service.

Saint Joe

Driving along the green arrow to the empty space, I found a smiling staff member who helped me to park and offered care services for the machine. I politely refused.Initial registration of special card, including my passport data, the right to manage this type of transport and the presence of positive credit history took some time.Then I got a parking ticket for free parking for sixteen hours and sat in double electric car.

On this place I want to stay for more detail. A choice of two- or quadruplecar, however, it is possible to rent a minivan and seven-seater.Once in early childhood, I was struck by a view of the huge box of colored pencils, then I could not even imagine that there is such a variety of colors.So, the colors of rent cars make any artist nervously smoking. Such variety of colors in the automotive palette is not that I have not seen before, but I could not even assume that such freedom is allowed.

But damn, if these machines are not considered someone's inspired creation, and to treat them as to the details of the city decoration, everything looked quite harmoniously and that is important, it is extremely convenient, as to identify the "own" car on parking is sometimes not so easy.I remembered funny incidents in which one evening, in Venezuela, on Margarita Island, we were looking for a carby whole team near a huge hypermarket no less than two hours.It is known that in the twilight "all cats have fifty shades of gray," and now try to find in featureless twilight your car among the similar.

After a couple of seconds after I put a plastic card in the slot and have typed a PIN code, central locking friendly clicked and I was in a car with a surprisingly high seating.The car took me somehow unemotional — so come on the bus or subway. Interior is simple and laconic, like a hen's egg.With almost equal proportions over the length, width and height, the machine has a huge set of electronic assistants.Themost precise navigation with two dozens of switchable languages. Voice commands recognition and cruise control, no, better to say: the autopilot that can control the machine in a fully automatic mode, up to final delivery to the indicated address.

You want — you go yourself, and you want — stare at the sides as in a taxi. But real taxi in the usual form is almost not visible.We can assume that the service is little demand as riding in the car with the driver due to the high cost of labor is more expensive than in a rented car.

Almost every building in town has equipped parking. Every parking place (as in intercepting complexes, and in the city) is equipped with a charging socket, which is connected to a common database and informs about what electro mobileis on it or respectively of the free zone.

Arriving to the appointed place, I was once again surprised by thecreators’ originality of the project: if you do not connect the machine to the charging system — cannot withdraw payment card.Not pulled out your plastic — a minute later the car is locked and you need for penetration inside again enter pin code. Having handed over to electro parking, I immediately saw an SMS on the smartphone on writing off cash.I very impressed by the fact that the presence of a considerable number of cars on the streets did not jibe with the usual acoustic effect.There was no sound of engines and clean, dare I say it, the fresh air. Of course, it's impressive.

In today's world a gadget slavery was found a niche with a straightforward application that makes it easy to identify the nearest available vehicle, the nearest unoccupied parking at the destination, the battery charging of selected cars.You can also remotely calculate the cost of the traffic and others.

In the case of insufficient battery charge, the database is not positioned as a car available and waiting for filling the batteries at least seventy percent.  I pleasantly surprised by the presence of an "emergency button" to communicate with the dispatcher.

Make the necessary things and enjoy the advantages of the future city, I went back. Number of parking ticket helped to easily navigate to my good friend — Jaguar.Coming out of the city toward the parking, I wanted to fool around, pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor and was surprised to two things.Namely — the hurricane dynamics and limit the maximum speed of sixty kilometers per hour. It is easy to assume that this factor has beneficial effects on traffic safety and battery life, here — a small battery and consequently its own weight of the car.

Paris stands in a traffic jam, Moscow stands in a traffic jam, and Beijing stands in a traffic jam.Millions of people suffer from it, for the same reason, thousands of people are ready to change their place of residence, hundreds of engineers looking for solutions.In some megalopolises make the cost of parking outside the solvency of the population and mass transplanted citizens by taxi. Somewhere create the odd and even days to travel, but compared to Saint Joe — it's perspective of Mr. Sisyphus.

Saint Joe

In my opinion, the most remarkable effect was a sharp, at times, the reduction of vehicles present in the city. Another important factor is the creation of a completely new market segment.Hundreds of thousands, millions of new jobs. We can only rejoice for the future of people living in such conditions. Wish I could live here? No, but I hope that this experience will be adopted, and in my homeland.

What as a result?

There is a centuries-old belief that in Russia the problem of bad roads and fools. Oh is it? We can place the responsibility on a society, the government, the police; we could say that the bad times, the oligarchs, the road, our own car are blame.We could try to shift the responsibility for all only imaginable. But that we are ourselves, we are the ones who are not able to let go of the reins from the hands and prove themselves truly attentive and compassionate.The problem is not the bad roads and bad cars. We are — this is a problem.

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