Mores on the roads in India:a circus with elephants

If any of the familiar motorists will ask me to name the country, where he will receive the greatest number of car impressions, I did not send him to the Nürburgring or in Maranello, ride on a Ferrari. I will offer a trip to India!


Coming here, you will be shocked by what is happening on the roads. Even experienced drivers with years of experience and expertise of trips not only in Russia, but also in traditionallymessy Arab countries — they will be shocked by slovenliness of Indian drivers.

Roads — a wild circus, and even with the animals.On the road you can find not only the traditional means of transportation, but also the others: walking carts, truck elephants, camels, cows, and even dogs.If it is not enough exotic for you, then I will add that here there are no signs and marking, separating the road to the strip, as a category.

The Indian government, of course, has issued a set of rules that every driver should know.However, it all ends just with knowledge. In all the states of India ruleshave a formal character — nobody carries.

So how do people understand each other without any means?Everything is very simple. Indian motorist communicate with each other using special gestures and signals. And you know, if you watch the movement of the Indian a few minutes, you may notice that all this chaos has some regularity.

Why do the drivers constantly honking to each other?

If you are just going to visit India and planning to rent a car, you will certainly be interested in the constant noise on the road.No, it is not evil Indian drivers try to swear in this way — it's just another way of communication during the busy traffic.It is very widespread.

How else to specify their back position, considering that cars do not have side mirrors? Yes, yes. This is due to the fact that the strips of movements are too close to each other.In such conditions it is very difficult to keep the mirror in an integrity. Some cars altogether released without the side view mirrors.

That is why it can be seen on the machines labels and stickers with specific requests. Written like this:

«Horn Please» or «Blow OK Please» — means “horn”

«Blow Horn» — less polite version of the previous inscription and therefore it is “blow to the dial tone”

So, if you want be seen — make sounds. It is advisable to loud!


What means a red light in India?

As you can already guess nothing important…No pedestrians, no cars stop moving on forbidding traffic light. Such situation is almost in all cities of India.Though generally, Indian drivers can be understood:a red light illuminates sometimes of 3 minutes and 20 seconds.Not everyone has so much patience!


What does crosswalk mean for Indians?

Maybe for you it would be crazy, but in India it is not acceptedgive way to pedestrians even those who want to cross the road through a special transition.It's sheer waste of time!Indian population deftly maneuvering past the machines without any obstacles quickly crosses the street withoutpermission. But it is not recommended to repeat it to newcomer tourists — independent transition of the road with no skill could end sadly.


While in Russia, as we know, the only prohibition sign is a large concrete block, in India this role performsa cow.If suddenly the horned appear on the road — all car drivers freeze as if at the command of the magician.Nobody wants to knock down a sacred animal, which is also protected by law.In some cities, for the killing of a cow is possible going to jail for 5-7 years.For many Indians to kill a cow — it means forever ruin your soul and karma.In ancient times it was even worse: the killer cows had to pay for his act of life.

What is the result?

And do you know the funny thing?India has, according to statistics of the World Health Organization, the lower rating of deaths on the roads than Russia.We have 21.9 deaths per 100 000 people, and India — 18.7. Perhaps the fact that a large number of the rural population is not involved in the traffic… And maybe the notorious "Indian circus with elephants" is not as dangerous as shocking.

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